Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Ladies In Touch

Join our ladies as they meet on the 2nd Tuesday each month to create a outreach project and program to encourage women in the community to succeed at all they do. 

REBC Food Pantry

We have a small but mighty food pantry that is open to the public. Appointments can be made by contacting churchoffice@rebctexas.com.

Drop off canned goods and non-perishables during office hours or any church service.

REBC Praise Band

Members of our Praise Band include our Pastoral team, congregation members and long term attendees that enjoy praising God through musical joy.

Our band has openings for another guitar player, singers and a pianist. They perform a mix of traditional hymns, modern music, and long-standing gospel favorites. Allison, our Praise Leader, hand picks music that fits the season and climate of our community. Also taking requests from members to help work in a personal touch to our Music Worship Program.

Meet our Missionaries

Reaching the World One Prayer at a Time!!

"...and You Will Be My Witnesses"

Here at Richardson East Baptist Church, we believe in the Acts 1:8 ministry which has been given to each believer.  "...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth." REBC has missionaries that serve locally, nationally, and internationally. We support four Missionaries that serve here in The United States of America, Brazil, Germany, Asia, and the Middle East. But we also consider ourselves (REBC) a local body of praying missionaries with the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. 

"And his gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to the Nations, and then the end will come." Matthew 24:14

Meet Steve and Janice Schirmer

Steve is the Founder & President of Silk Road Catalyst (formerly CrossCampus International), was born and raised in North Texas and became a follower of Jesus while attending the University of Texas at Arlington.  

At a specific moment during the Spring of 1999, God spoke to Steve through Mark 16:15, "Go and preach the good news to all creation." This was the verse God used to call Steve into full-time cross-cultural ministry, although Steve had no idea at the time what that entailed. This verse, in addition to a few other events that same year, led Steve to quit his job in May 2000 and travel to East Asia on his first international mission trip. To say the least, that trip changed his life and his direction. 

As of October 2013, CrossCampus International is now known as Silk Road Catalyst. Their vision is to "Catalyze disciple-making movements among unreached People Groups in every country along the Silk Road." Their current mission is planting churches and multiplying disciples among two unreached people groups in East & Central Asia, as well as, equipping and mobilizing Chinese believers to serve along the Silk Road.


Meet Vladimir and Inna Pikman

Chosen People Ministry Located in Germany

Vladimir was born to a Jewish family in Kiev (Ukraine). Through different circumstances in his life, both in Ukraine and Israel, and through his personal study of the Old Testament he came to the faith in Jusus the Messiah in the age of 22. He committed his life to bring the Godpel to his Jewish people. Since 1992 serving in different countries of Europe and worldwide, he has led Jewish outreaches and started several messianic congregations. 

God uses Vladimir to lead many people to the Lord, to find and equip new ministers and start new messianic ministries in several countries. In 2000 he was ordained as a Messianic Rabbi.

Vladimir is the founding Executive Director of Beit Sar Shalom, the largest Jewish-messianic ministry in Germany, and the Rabbi of the messianic congregation in Berlin. "Due to the Holocaust, German culture is very sensitive to Jewish issues. It makes us, the Jewish believers, visible and thought-provoking in the society. We have a unique advantage of presenting the gospel from the Jewish perspective in the culture, where people are paying careful attention to everything Jewish. We try to be a good testimony for the people living here," says Vladimir.


Meet Ken & Lucimar Davis

"Back in the 80's, I lived and worked in the Dallas area as an electrical engineer with Texas Instruments. I joined Richardson East Baptist Church in 1986, ad spent the summer of 1988 as a short term missionary in Brazil. After that trip, I decided to return as a full time career missionary, which I did in the fall of 1988. 

In 1996, our mission asked me to assume the leadership of a publishing house that was going through a difficult period. We moved from rural northeast Brazil to a mega city of Sao Paulo. We are now working at the publishing house called Vida Nova. Vida Nova was founded in 1964 and is one of the leading evangelical publishing houses here in Brazil. Over the last over the last three years we have been working to stabilize and revitalize the ministry of Vida Nova after going through a very difficult financial crisis that nearly bankrupted the compnay. We have made good progress, yet still have a long way to go.

Vida Nova publishes a full line of quality academeic, theological reference and study bibles for pastors, leaders, seminary students and church members. We have about 250 titles in our catalogue and distribute throughout the world in the Portuguese language. We sponsor an annual Theological Congress as well as regional conferences throught the year. We are a not-for profit ministry that's self sustaining with the exception of my salaery and the salarey of one other partime missionary. We have 25 full time Brazilian employees.


Make Way Partners Corporation

  • Flame of Love Orphanage in DR Congo rescues, houses, and provides care for orphans who have been abandoned. Most of the children suffer severe birth defects and or injuries from rape and other forms of abuse. Not only do they provide for the physical needs but the spiritual and emotional needs as well.
  • Light of Darfur in Sudan shines a Light in a war-ravaged land. They provide occasional medical relief, ongoing discipleship in partnership with African Leadership, they also help us to assess the nearness and threat level of the Janjaweed and slave raiders.
  • House of Treasure in Romania is the only shelter in Romania for victims of human trafficking. They provide shelter, medical care, food, counseling, discipleship, and  when the young women are ready, vocational training. Many young women accept Christ and more than 80% of them eventually reintegrate into their culture as healthy and productive citizens.
  • Hope for Sudan in Sudan located near the border of Uganda ia an orphanage. Here they are strategically located to care for widows and orphans at risk to persecution and slavery from the Lord's Resistance Army.
  • Jack of the Amazon River in Peru Where you find major drug trafficking, you will also find human trafficking. Peru is second only to Columbia. Children are sold for had labor and to the drug cartels to tend their vast drug field, young girls are sold to pimps and brothels. Jack & his wife Tatiana are working to educate the villages and families about human trafficking and sharing Jesus.
  • New Life Ministry in Sudan is the only orphanage available for Darfur orphans. It is unique because they provide for survivors of both sides of the conflict - Christians & Muslims alike. They share Christ and help children heal and forgive those who persecuted, raped and murdered their parents.