Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Some of Our Home Grown Outreach Right Here in Richardson, Texas!!

Adopt A Teacher Program

  Richardson East Baptist Church has launched a pilot program entitled Adopt-a-Teacher.  We are making it a goal to show the emotional, financial and physical support of these lucky teachers at Richardson Terrace Elementary. With an operating budget that won't meet all their needs, we are striving to create community partnerships that will help them supplement their needs to create an inviting and exciting environment for their students. Why the teacher and not the students? See the answers below!!!!  

Food Pantry Experience

As we are building partnerships with local merchants and grocers, it is our hope to launch this food pantry program that not only provides essentials for a family of 4 but builds on that by helping them create 15 days of Crock-Pot Goodness that can be frozen and dropped into a crockpot with a little water or broth. Stay tuned as we make announcements concerning our Launch Party and featured recipes.

Community Days In Town!!!

Life is growing and changing... This announcement coming soon!!

Bizzy-Life Stewardship Program

 Biz-Life Stewardship Program: This is to help unemployed or underemployed individuals learn the 4 Basic Pillars of Stewardship: Ownership, Responsibility, Accountability, and Reward.  This program features business professionalism, family activities and counseling, finance training and social skills.  This program is scheduled to launch its first class in May of 2019.